Part 2: The interior was gorgeous

Additional detective work resolved the issue some three weeks later. Croft called me with a two-part explanation. First, he’d discovered that temperature sensors in the throats of the turbos on both engines had been contacting metal instead of air. Thus they’d been sending incorrect signals to the ECMs, restricting fuel flow, and limiting rpm. Croft said he’d fixed the glitch with a pair of needle-nosed pliers. Second, he’d also discovered that filters on the air intakes of both engines were too restrictive--they were literally strangling the engines at the top of the rpm register. The solution? Croft had switched to larger, less-restrictive units.

Searles docked the 80 with slick efficiency at Lazzara's facility in Tampa, thanks in part to a gutsy 20-hp, 48-volt Imtra electric bow thruster and an equally gutsy power source--four Group 27 AGM batteries with their very own Charles Marine battery charger. After helping with lines and shore power cords, I began checking out the interior, starting with the superbly crafted engine room. As you'll notice from the accompanying photos, the mains are the real stand-out feature here, thanks to a candy-apple red paint job, a sweetly rigged maze of Trident braided stainless steel fuel and other hoses, and a backdrop of shiny perforated-aluminum paneling on walls and bulkheads. Little wonder our 80's owner is Jeff Burton, a popular NASCAR driver with an obvious penchant for glamour, top-shelf equipment, and solid engineering.

The interior itself was gorgeous--it compares favorably to anything I've seen on European motoryachts in the same size range, both in terms of detailing and design. The layout gets high marks for an ample and separate crew's quarters forward--distinctly and democratically American. I also liked the choice of three large staterooms on the lower deck, instead of four smaller ones--the full-beam master benefits from this with additional space for a walk-in closet almost as large as the head, which is huge in its own right.

One other thing that warmed the cockles of my heart was the abundance of nifty touches Lazzara drops almost invisibly into the decor. Granite countertops, for example, are perfectly veneered and bullnosed over corrugated-aluminum panels to save weight, hot water is instantly available from every faucet thanks to a continuously circulating circuit, and the proprietary Integrated Ship's Information System (ISIS) constantly and electronically monitors and records a host of parameters. While this last feature facilitates diagnostics as well as preventive maintenance, the extra TLC it promotes also reduces insurance rates and boosts resale value.

And finally, get this: In addition to a standard equipment list that's really turnkey complete, new owners are offered a three-day course on handling and maintaining the 80, courtesy of Lazzara Yachts University, an institution of higher learning offering classes and simulator exercises right at the Tampa facility. A small thing perhaps, but one that underscores the very essence of Lazzara Yachts--a philosophy of total, don't-let-a-single-detail-slide commitment.

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